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This is a song that appears to have the raw energy of punk rock but with the easy going realness of acoustic folk. The presentation is acoustic for the most part, it’s an organic sound that generally comes across as part of a live show. It’s a well performed piece with a great sound that fills the room with a beautifully joyful vibe, despite the somewhat negative imagery presented in some of the lines – something that simply makes for a more memorable story line, and actually comes across as more of a laid back set of references than a deep concern.


The melody of the track is a familiar one, the classic country rock structure is immediately recognisable, though the songwriter’s approach to storytelling has that personal stamp all over it and really makes for a fresh bit of energy. The lyrics are unique and interesting, thought provoking yet simplistic – easy to memorise and get into. Without a doubt, the song leaves you echoing its melody long after the music has stopped, that blues rock meets country twang is infectious and always brings about a good mood.


The rhythm of the piece is addictive and uplifting in every way, the leading vocal performance has the grit and realness required to make the whole thing believable, to make it really sink in. As mentioned, a live show is a must – you can feel the energy of the performance by just listening through speakers; on the other side of the world, no less. Even just a solo acoustic performance would bring about the strength of the song and the passion embedded within it. Joseph Pagano’s voice and overall style are consistently enjoyable, and fortunately he has a notable catalogue of songs to his name for new listeners to get involved with.


Listen to the song via Reverbnation. Find and follow Joseph Pagano on FacebookTwitter & Instagram.

JP's Music Blog

JP's Music Blog

Finally, from New York comes the latest from singer/songwriter Joseph Pagano. His new single "More Friends In Heaven (Than In Hell)" is his first new music in 2 years. It combines the songwriting elements of folk with the high energy of punk to create this undeniably addictive single. To find out more about Joseph Pagano and his music, please visit

Indie Band GURU


Joseph Pagano


Making music is a lifelong passion.  Even when life goes in different directions, the passion for creating your own personal sound never disappears.  So when the bug bites just get up and do it.  Whether the song is just for you or the whole world to hear doesn’t matter.  What matters is pursuing your musical passion.  New discovery Joseph Pagano is still living the dream and making music for all of us as well as himself.


The songwriter and guitarist hails from the classic heartland rock capital of New Jersey.  Joseph Pagano has been involved in the scene since his teenage years.  In fact, he played the guitar solo on N-Kuntrol’s 1985 dance hit single “Cecelia”.  He was in and out of some of the essential NJ bands of the time including Profile, Junior’s Farm, and Straight Shoot’r.  


The Music of Joseph Pagano Is Alive And Well

After taking much too long a time away from his musical dream to pursue a career in software, Joseph Pagano is back at it pouring out new music for the past few years and living the elder statesman rock star life.  2015 saw the release of two records, Graveyard Of Dreams and Time And Colors.  This new prolific musical output and the admiration of fans and critics has pushed him to continue writing songs and sharing them with this growing fanbase.


The latest one to really connect is “More Friends In Heaven (Than In Hell).”  The Americana and folk-based track shows a songwriting skill in Joseph Pagano that cannot be denied.  He brought in some local talent as well in Craig Bleifer, Gary Evans, and Rich Giancamilli to fill out the sound and make for a raucous tone where everyone is welcome to the party.  


There is an alt-country feel to the song as well which draws in even more fans and comparisons.  The fun guitar playing will have every listener ready to get up and dance along.


You can dive in and hear more from Joseph Pagano on his REVERBNATION page.

Indie Spoonful


Joseph Pagano - 'More Friends in Heaven (Than in Hell)'

May 24, 2017

Bryon William

Joseph Pagano is an Americana singer-songwriter hailing from the New Jersey music scene.  He has released two EP's:  'Time and Colors' and 'Graveyard of Dreams.'  Both works received critical acclaim.  A tried and true performer, Joseph completed a 21-performance tour across 3 states.  His new single, “More Friends in Heaven (Than in Hell),” showcases his talent for writing inviting and catchy tunes.


The song starts off with a bright guitar that strums us right into the first vocal section. Joseph’s voice enters with a raw, raspy tone presenting a down-to-earth storytelling vibe. After singing the catchy hook along with his guitar, Joseph repeats the hook accompanied by upbeat, driving drums and bass, creating a nice foot-tapping swing. The addition of vocal harmonies adds good Americana flavor. The instrumental arrangement, highlighted by a whistling  chorus, off-the beat clapping and change-ups in rhythmic accents is very engaging.  Easily memorable melodies and fun lyrics seal-the-deal for a song that invites you to join in, smile and sing-along.  This one is sure to be a crowd favorite for years to come.


The lyrics are a humorous, tongue and cheek look into themes of trial and error, redemption and forgiveness and, of course, the benefits of having friends in high places. "I'm surrounded by the Devil so I play Christian heavy metal  and  “I made a living robbing banks I started to give thanks" are two examples of how Joseph uses clever twists to playfully color the song. 


In 'More Friends in Heaven (Than in Hell),' Joseph Pagano showcases a gift for writing lighthearted  and inviting songs with truly engaging arrangements that will stay with you long after you hear them; where Joseph stands-out is that he is able to write fun and catchy songs that don't sacrifice musical depth.  A prolific song-writer, Joseph is currently writing and recording new material. This song and other great tunes from "Time and Colors' will be available on all major digital music platforms by June 15th.  For more information, please visit his website.


Joseph Pagano

More Friends in Heaven (Than in Hell)

Independent Music Review

Skope Magazine

Joseph Pagano – “More Friends In Heaven (Than In Hell)”

Joseph Pagano sings a song of hope and redemption is “More Friends In Heaven (Than In Hell)”. With a playful attitude to it the way the song unfolds in infectious, with catchy hooks dominating the song. A swinging rhythm comes into play as the way that the song works itself into a glorious rush feels fantastic. By far the heart and soul of the album comes from Joseph Pagano’s expressive, passionate voice. His voice has a light airy quality to it, one that makes it feel so approachable and relatable. The lyricism that drives the song forward has a thoughtful, highly articulate quality to it, possessing a keen understanding of the world.




A giddy guitar riff opens the piece. Things truly get started upon the inclusion of Joseph Pagano’s voice which truly serves as the heart and soul of the sound. Upon the rhythm section kicking in the song becomes quite energetic as it darts through the highly descriptive, almost poetic ruminations that instill themselves deep into the lyrics. From the song’s inclusion of melody adds to the overall power of the piece. Small details play a big role, the rather celebratory spirit of the whistle choir which feels like a particularly fine touch grace the latter half of the track. For its finale, the song wraps up in a glorious blur of sound.


Carefully crafted and downright joyful, Joseph Pagano creates an inviting exuberant sound with “More Friends In Heaven (Than In Hell)”.

By –


Joseph Pagano – More Friends in Heaven (Than in Hell)

Joseph Pagano has been creating music for the last few years, with his second EP Time and Colors being released in 2015. On Joseph Pagano’s current single More Friends in Heaven (Than in Hell), hints of 1960s and 1970s rock, punk, and alternative country can all be discerned. The dynamic between the guitar and Pagano’s voice establishes a quick tempo for the single. A whistle-heavy intermission provides a further boost to this momentum. The production of More Friends in Heaven (Than in Hell) is stellar, allowing each distinct element to shine alone or as part of a greater unit. One will be impressed by the amount of twists and turns that are presented here, as the other elements – punchy percussion and a thick, ropy bass line – will require additional spins to understand alongside the other, more dominant elements. 


Fans will be able to single along with the track after a few listens. The subtle (and not so subtle) nods to punk and the grittier rock of acts like Jackyl and The White Stripes by Pagano provides More Friends in Heaven with a proper pedigree. At all points, there is a unique style that plays alongside each guitar riff, drum hit, and complementary bass line.


There is just so much charisma that bubbles through from the beginning note of More Friends in Heaven (Than in Hell) until the song’s final gasps. I feel that Pagano is able to do tick every box with this single, while whetting listeners’ appetites until they can delve in deeper to Joseph’s discography. Give Pagano’s ReverbNation a spin if you would like to see the range present in Pagano’s performances.


Rating: 8.3/10

Joseph Pagano – More Friends in Heaven (Than in Hell) / 2017 Self Released / 2:45 /


The Hit Compilation Series 'Independent No.1's, Vol.6' Release Date and Artist List Announced

Global compilation Independent No.1's, featuring the best of Independent music from around the world, announces the list of artists who have been selected for its 6th edition
Independent No.1's Vol.6
Independent No.1's Vol.6
LEICESTER, U.K. - May 17, 2016 - PRLog -- Independent No.1's Vol.6, the compilation album released annually on W.O.A Records, is one of the Industry's most sought after mainstream multi genre indie compilations that introduces breakthrough indie artists from around the world to fans of Indie Music. The highly anticipated Vol.6 of the compilation is scheduled to release on the 24th of May. The Independent No.1's Vol.6 is compiled and produced by Platinum Selling Vh1 Top 10 and MTV EMA Nominated Musician and Producer Oliver Sean

This year the Independent No.1's compilation will feature multi genre International breakthrough artists, including award winning musicians and bands like Alaska's hottest new export Conway Seavey, American singer songwriter Joseph Pagano, New York City's Jazz Duo Alan & Stacey, Costa Rica's No.1 Rock Band Nagmah, Belgium based Indian musician Shailesh Chandra and a whole host of bands and artists covering several countries including the United Kingdom, Australia, Scandinavia and several other regions.

The Artists selected for the Independent No.1's Vol.6 are:

Conway Seavey

Joseph Pagano

Stacey & Alan


Shailesh Chandra

Jimmy D'Lirico

The Color Loud

Grace Rodson

Ramil Ganjoo

Raphael Ashanti


Cat Fight

Vickyy Kohhli

Scafidi Sounds

Macey Mac

Terry Romero

Biman Bharadwaj


To get more details on the artists and the songs that will be featured please visit

The Independent No.1's Vol.6 is scheduled to be launched on the 24th of May 2016 and will be available across all major stores including iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, Spotify etc.

Artists and Bands who would like to be part of the next Independent No.1's compilation, which receives media and venue support globally, are now invited to submit their music for the Vol.7, which opens up submissions this week. Artists and Fans can stay tuned for the latest updates at the Official Independent No.1's Compilation Website

The Independent No.1's Compilation is a property of the W.O.A Entertainment Group


About WOA Entertainment

Formed in 1998 by MTV EMA Nominee and Vh1 Top 10 Artist and Producer Oliver Sean (, W.O.A International  and the WOA Entertainment Group ( is a global entertainment company that continues to lead the way when it comes to how music should be promoted. They are pioneering international music in India and Asia and are now synonymous with the region. Their enviable reputation at opening up new possibilities means that they are the go-to company for independent artists wishing a truly international presence.

Irene Sequeira


PRLOG - Press Release

Independent No.1's Vol.7 Launched Worldwide

The WOA International compilation, Independent No.1's, featuring breakthrough Independent band's from all over the globe releases its 7th edition.
Independent No.1's Vol.7 (WOA International)
Independent No.1's Vol.7 (WOA International)
PANAJI, India - April 19, 2017 - PRLog -- Its been seven straight years of introducing Independent Music's breakthrough artists from all corners of the globe on WOA International's Independent No.1's Album. The Independent No.1's compilation is compiled and produced by platinum selling artist and producer Oliver Sean and released worldwide on WOA International and supported by all divisions of the WOA Entertainment Group. Over 10,000 hard copies of the album are replicated and distributed for free to media, radio and fans, with the primary aim of bringing much needed attention to these breakthrough artists selected for the Independent No.1's compilation.

Working closely with the label is the WOAFM99 Radio Show, which is a nationally distributed weekly radio show hosted by Oliver Sean. The show, known as the best breakthrough Independent music radio show in this region is a platform where indie bands making a dent in the industry are showcased. From these artists the best of the best are given the opportunity to be part of the Independent No.1's compilation (from mainstrem genres), while  smooth jazz, and new age artists from the show are given the major label supported Goa Chillout Zone compilation platform.

The Independent No.1's Vol.7 features artists like Andrea Plamandon, Justin 3, Joseph Pagano, Silent Stranger, Louis Colaiannia, Karim Baggili, Ben Labat, Oceanroyal, Rhett May, Bob Birthisel, Christina Custode, Mark Kenoly and  several other highly talented artists making a name for themselves in their respective countries. The album promises to be a great album for fans as it covers songs and artists that are not only critically acclaimed, but is also a multi genre radio friendly compilation album.

To know more about the album, win free CD copies and support the artists, fans and media can download a copy and find out more at


About W.O.A Entertainment
Formed in 1998 by Patinum Selling Artist and Producer Oliver Sean, the W.O.A Entertainment Group is a global entertainment company that continues to lead the way when it comes to how music should be promoted. They are pioneering international music in India and Asia and are now synonymous with the region. Their enviable reputation at opening up new possibilities means that they are the go-to company for independent artists wishing a truly international presence.

Irene Sequeira

LOV3RZ Magazine April


KamerTunesBlog Year In Review 2015

2015 has been a tumultuous year for me. As suggested in the Wait Until The Summer’s Gone and Long Time Gone posts that bookended my six month break from writing about music…and connecting with my readers, other bloggers and fellow music lovers…a combination of good, bad & time-consuming life events kept me focused on other things for nearly half the year. Whereas in the past I’ve revisited the complete catalogs of ten or more artists, this year I only managed to cover two (Toto and Supergrass), but I also wrote about my Not-So-Guilty Pleasures, my Favorite Debut Albums, my First Five Concerts and my appreciation for the non-stop hook-fest that is Survivor’s “High On You.” Although I was “off the grid” for much of 2015 I still managed to accumulate lots of CDs & LPs (I am an obsessive music collector just like you, after all), and somehow I found the time to listen to each new acquisition at least a couple of times. As I looked through the list of albums I got this year, I expected to vaguely remember most of them but was pleasantly surprised at how many wonderful discoveries I made, in addition to all the excellent new releases by artists I already love. What could have been a down year for me, musically-speaking, turned out to be another winner, with just as many memorable albums as the last few years.

Below you’ll find two lists. The first one highlights the albums that were released in 2015 (and some from 2014 that I didn’t get to last year) which made the biggest impression on me, while the second list covers the reissues, live albums, compilations, box sets & other older releases that I spent the most time with. Just like last year, I didn’t have time to include links to audio clips but everything on these lists is worth seeking out, whether it’s via YouTube, a streaming service or a “give it a shot without hearing it first” CD or LP purchase (which is often my preferred method of musical research).

Thanks to everyone who stopped by in 2015 and shared your stories, opinions, suggestions and support. I hope you & your loved ones are enjoying the holiday season. Wishing you a happy, healthy & musically adventurous New Year.

Albums Released In 2015, and 2014 Releases I Finally Heard This Year (in alphabetical order)
The Autumn Defense – Fifth
Marshall Crenshaw – #392: The EP Collection
The Dear Hunter – Act IV: Rebirth In Reprise
The Decemberists – What A Terrible World, What A Beautiful World
Steve Earle – Terraplane
Echolyn – I Heard You Listening
Fish On Friday – Godspeed
David Gilmour – Rattle That Lock
Steve Hackett – Wolflight
Glen Hansard – Didn’t He Ramble
Don Henley – Cass County
Iron Maiden – The Book Of Souls
Jason Isbell – Something More Than Free
Joe Jackson – Fast Forward
Dave Kerzner – New World
Knifeworld – The Unravelling
Mark Knopfler – Tracker
Matt Pond PA – The State Of Gold
Allison Moorer – Down To Believing
My Morning Jacket – The Waterfall
Ben Ottewell – Rattlebag
Joseph Pagano – Graveyard Of Dreams
Keith Richards – Crosseyed Heart
Sanguine Hum – Now We Have Light
Schnauser – Protein For Everyone
Smallpools – Lovetap!
Spock’s Beard – The Oblivion Particle
Squeeze – Cradle To The Grave
The Tangent – A Spark In The Aether
Toto – XIV
Umphrey’s McGee – The London Session
Steven Wilson – Hand. Cannot. Erase.
The Winery Dogs – Hot Streak
The Zombies – Still Got That Hunger

Newly Acquired Reissues, Live Albums, Compilations & Box Sets (And Artists I Finally Checked Out) In 2015 (in alphabetical order)
Anathema – Fine Days: 1999-2004
Bad Company – Bad Company + Straight Shooter (Deluxe Editions)
The Beach Boys – Beach Boys’ Party Uncovered And Unplugged
Ry Cooder – Soundtracks
Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young – CSNY 1974
The Czars – Best Of The Czars
Del Amitri – Into The Mirror – Del Amitri Live In Concert
Kevin Gilbert – Toy Matinee Acoustic + Thud (20th Anniversary Edition)
Hitchcock, Robyn – Uncorrected Personality Traits
The Isley Brothers – The RCA Victor & T-Neck Album Masters
The Jazz Butcher Conspiracy – Draining The Glass: 1982-86
King Crimson – Thrak Box
Led Zeppelin – Super Deluxe Box Sets of last four albums
Jeff Lynne’s ELO – Alone In The Universe
Wes Montgomery – Impressions: The Verve Jazz Sides
The Moody Blues – The Magnificent Moodies (Deluxe Edition)
John Power – The Complete Studio Recordings 2002-2015
Pugwash – A Rose In The Garden Of Weeds
Eddi Reader – The Blanco y Negro Years
Saxon – The Complete Albums 1979-1988
Shoes – 35 Years – The Definitive Shoes Collection 1977-2012
Jane Siberry – Love Is Everything – The Jane Siberry Anthology
Frank Sinatra – Portrait Of Sinatra – Columbia Classics
Super Furry Animals – Songbook – The Singles Volume One
Tangerine Dream – The Virgin Years 1974-1978 + The Virgin Years 1977-1983
20/20 – 20/20 + Look Out!
Wilco – Alpha Mike Foxtrot – Rare Tracks 1994-2014
XTC – Drums And Wires (Blu-ray edition)
Yes – Relayer (Blu-ray edition)
Neil Young – Bluenote Café

Indie Music Plus

Joe Pagano – Time And Colors

The music of Joseph Pagano can be summed up in 3 words: Pop Rock Perfected.  End of article.

Joe Pagano

Just kidding!  Joseph Pagano's music is more than just warm and fuzzy.  In fact, it's the perfect blend of pop and rock I've heard in quite a while.  The EP "Time & Colors" is music that almost anyone can enjoy.  Apparently Joe has recently picked up his ax again after many years of being a software engineer.

In 2015 Joe’s debut EP Graveyard of Dream EP hit the Top 5 in radio play at the New Jersey college station WGLS and hit the Top 20 at stations in several markets, including Ft. Lauderdale, FL Galloway, NJ and Glassboro, NJ.

Since making the key decision to start fulfilling some long set aside musical dreams, Joseph Pagano has been an unstoppable force as an indie singer-songwriter, quickly following the critical raves and multiple market college and mainstream airplay success of his early 2015 debut EP Graveyard of Dreamswith his new eclectic five track set Time and Colors.

As you hopefully listen to the Soundcloud player above you will notice the title track starts this project with a bit of a mellow groove, but very catchy.  Joe has a talent for blending Springsteen rock and roll vibes with a present rock flavor.  At first listen the production is good.  In my opinion it could be remastered as the levels are a bit low overall. Mastering aside the instruments are all mixed well and everything fits into place.  In "Time & Colors" Joe sets the mood for the EP with some slick guitar playing in the bridge, me likey.

Joe's Springsteen roots show in "Life In A Bag."  Good old fashion kick ass rock 'n roll, as my dad says.  "Life" is a great tune!!  Going on a road trip anytime soon?  I'm thinking this is the EP for you!

"16 Other Ways" continues the rock anthem theme and I don't mind at all.  One thing about this song tho, I could use a bridge somewhere...I found myself drifting a bit on this one.  It's a great hook and catchy however I think it just simply goes a tad too long.  The breakdown after the guitar solo is nice but it didn't last long enough for me to provide the "variety" I was looking for.

josephpagano_graveyardofdreams_cdbackcover (1)Now let's just jump right into my favorite tune on the record!  "Candles, Hope & Faith" is an amazing tune!!  The piano intro grabbed me instantly.  Variety is starting to pop through this pop rock album now.  The mix of piano, guitar and mandolin(?) blend perfectly with the crisp clear vocal of Joseph Pagano.  This is the best cut on the EP in my opinion!  Great work!!

The last track on this Soundcloud set for Joseph Pagano's new release "Time & Colors" is "Mamma Don't Call Me Home(remix)."  Joe just proves one last time that he can rock out with out...what did you think I was going to say?

I have enjoyed reviewing this project by Joseph Pagano and I hope you not only have enjoyed reading but enjoy listening.  Indie music is taking over and with the wonders of the internet and social media we are all connected and can find good music in more places than just the top 40 radio stations that are shoved down our throats.  

Please, take some time and support indie music by downloading Joseph Pagano's new release "Time & Colors" today!!

Indie Minded

CD Review: Time And Colors by Joe Pagano

Indie singer-songwriter Joe Pagano did not take the traditional road to finding a successful musical career. While he explored music during his college years and into his early 20s, Pagano ultimately decided to follow the safety and security of a job in the software industry. However, Pagano never really abandoned his internal musician and enrolled in an online class through Berklee College of Music where he found the inspiration and encouragement he needed to reignite his passion. With his well-received debut Graveyard of Dreams released earlier this year, Pagano wasted no time going to work on his next project. His latest EP, Time and Colors, is available now.

Time and Colors opens with its title track. Starting simply with a single guitar leading into Pagano’s vocals, the song quickly bursts musically along with lyrics such as “Like an artist with a white canvas sheet/Time and colors will set you free.” A mid-tempo track with great chord progressions and an emotional electric guitar solo that showcases Pagano’s considerable skills, “Time and Colors” sounds like an inspirational, uplifting song when it speaks of starting over with that blank canvas to create the life you want with whom you want. But there is also a simultaneous undertone of sadness regarding the pain of a lost relationship as Pagano sings “The grass is greener until you miss the page you had/It makes me wonder about the life we could have back/And there’s still time to paint our Mona Lisa…/So come on home now/To the man you set free/Your time and colors/Are all I’ll ever need.”

Pagano moves on to take a look at a social justice issue on “Life in a Bag,” a song about learning from observing and finding the positives in a homeless man’s life. “Sometimes it feels I’m going through the motions/Chasing shiny things and burning through time/The simple life it has its advantages/Something that I strive for when I lose my way/Thank you homeless man for the lesson today.” With vocals eerily similar to John Mellencamp, impressive electric guitar playing and steady drum lines, “Life in a Bag” is a solid alt rock tune with an important underlying message about materialism that everyone should appreciate. Pagano changes things up on “16 Other Ways.” Opening with rhythmic drums, this is an indie rock track with a distinct touch of Americana country complete with some impressive guitar sliding. It is a comical look at Pagano’s romantic frustration with a female friend. Tired of trying to get to the next level, he declares that he has other things to do, begging the object of his affection to kindly hurry up and make a decision. “Give me a clue/I’m really into you/But this friendship thing is like auditioning /I want to hold your hand/I want to take a stand/But I hope you’re not insulted and you understand/I got 16 other ways to spend my time.”

Putting his softer side on display, Pagano’s “Candles, Hope and Faith” is a fine tuned studio version of this track and my favorite on this release. Opening with mid-tempo piano playing, this song tells the story of a relationship between a young single mother and her son whom she sends off into the world with the simple advice of “Candles, hope and faith.” Another guitar solo perfectly complements the piano playing making this one of those tracks where the music and the words meet to succeed in touching a listener’s heart. A sure sign of a well-crafted song, “Candles, Hope and Faith” is at once warm and sad, yet relatable. You can feel the love between mother and son throughout the song and the piano playing towards the end gives a sense of finality, but at the same time, hope for the future.Time and Colors closes with a remix of “Mamma Don’t Call Me Home” which takes a different path than the previous songs. As Pagano explained, he changed the arrangement of this track from its original version and added another guitar to this retro sounding song about kids playing ding dong ditch. The result is an incredibly high energy rock track that schools listeners in both bass and electric guitar playing while leaving them wanting more. 

Unaffected by the typical constraints of a single chosen genre, multi-talented Pagano takes listeners on a unique musical journey with Time and Colors as it ventures into rock, pop, some blues and even a bit of country, without ever skipping a beat. Time and Colors allows Pagano to explore as he wishes which in turn allows for creativity in sound that is bound to appeal to a wide audience. His skill as a musician also allows a natural connection to listeners that others in the industry often struggle to make. If you love music or just love listening to musicians who love music, Joe Pagano’s Time and Colors is a must.

The Miews

Joseph Pagano – Time and Colors (Music Review)

RATING: 7.3 / 10

Songwriting – 9.0 | Music – 7.0 | Vocals – 6.0
Genre: Pop-Rock

Joseph Pagano is back with a new release titled, Time and Colors, a 5 track adult contemporary, pop-rock EP that shines as the follow up to his previous release ‘Graveyard of Dreams‘. Pagano seems to have found his place in the indie music scene and is building his story one release at a time. Comparable to Bruce Springsteen and other greats of the 80’s pop-rock sound, Joseph Pagano’s music has a distinct old school sound that does not emit the intense flash and youthful presence as what you’d hear on mainstream radio. Instead, there’s a maturity on his new EP that will appeal to the listener who is well beyond their teenage years.

Time and Colors offers a few tracks that I dig, including my favorite, “Life In A Bag”. This song has a sound that brings to mind John Mellencamp’s classic “Jack & Diane,” and really gives you something to sing along to. While it may carry a similar feel as Mellencamp’s hit, “Life In A Bag” is still it’s own thing, and carries its own message, melodies, and musical tone. On this song, Joseph Pagano talks about the life lessons he’s learned from watching a homeless man go about his day. What Pagano learned through observation was to appreciate the simple things and enjoy every moment of your life, even if you don’t have a clue what’s waiting for you on the other end of the journey. This song is a winner and I really appreciate the message in it.

Throughout his Time and Colors EP, you can tell that Joseph Pagano enjoys making music, which makes it easy for the listener to share in that enthusiasm. Many musicians attempt to build a bridge for listeners in hopes that a connection can be made with potential fans but it’s not easy to do, which is why so many artists experience failure before they are able to bridge the gap that exists between them and music fans. But I believe Mr. Pagano will strike a chord with those who enjoy the alternative pop and adult contemporary rock genres. Take a listen and see if it suits your musical taste-buds.

Hot Indie News

While listening to indie singer/songwriter Joseph Pagano’s newest offering, the five-track EP ‘Time & Colors,’ I have to admit I was at first expecting a handful of songs that sounded alike. Okay, not exactly the same, but similarities and a common thread.

I think the only common thread in Pagano’s work is that his lyrics are more often than not thought provoking as he twists and turns lyrics into a remarkable storyline. In the title track, it couldn’t be more relevant. This wordsmith creates a vivid story with the idea that we all have a blank canvass in life.

What I thought at first strange in “Time & Colors” were the grittier, more melodic rock guitar riffs. His tone and pace were more roots, but the guitar work seemed out-of-place. After a second listen, the guitar licks complimented the end product like a fine garnish.

In “Life In a Bag” fans of John Cougar Mellencamp and early Bruce Springsteen will gravitate to Pagano’s rootsy voice and observatory lyrics.

In “16 Other Ways” the New Yorker plays it up in a more pop, catchy beat. And, in the last tracks “Candies Hope And Faith” and the very up-beat “Mamma Don’t Call Me Home (Remix)”, Pagano truly shows range and variety.

‘Time & Colors’ is a very interesting and entertaining EP. It’s refreshing to have a new talent that can stretch across several genres!

SKOPE Magazine & SleepingBagStudios

Joseph Pagano – ‘Time And Colors’ – EP Review

August 7, 2015


There is a strong mix of emotions on Joseph Pagano’s latest EP Time And Colors, his second release of the year to be exact, following February’s release of the Graveyard Of Dreams EP. This is our first introduction to this indie/alternative-rock artist and his tender, sincere approach to his music; at times it has edge, others it has melody…but in all five of the songs you’ll find on Time And Colors you’ll hear the genuine love of music in many forms coming from the passionate guitars and vocals of multi-talent/solo-artist Joseph Pagano.

The first thing I noticed when I was checking into his social media & doing my usual research was a comment about there being ‘so much to learn in the studio!’ From listening to this new EP…I dunno…it seems like he’s learned a thing or two already if you were to ask me…I think the opening/title-track “Time And Colors” is a real indication of an artist with the heart of a lion. This is the kind of song that takes courage to write and deliver with the emotion it deserves…it took me a couple beats to get used to the vocal sounds & tone of Joseph…but within a couple listens I found it to fit beautifully & perfectly. It’s an excellent pop/rock song with endearing indie-qualities and some truly stunning emotions displayed in the melody/vocals…the progressions of the chords in the music match the energy perfectly in this opening tune. Complete with an exquisite guitar-solo nailed note-for-note…”Time And Colors” manages to marry old-school melodies from early in music’s history with unique modern-day indie qualities. Beautiful start!


Straight into a gritty-rock riff & more Americana-sound to the rhythm…”Life In A Bag” is definitely not my thing personally, but Joseph seems to be pulling this one off too, with a style that seems to be somewhere between Axl Rose and Chris Robinson. This second tune has a real ‘Friday night at the bar’ kind of feel to it…familiar…rooted in old-school rock but not quite offering as much new to our ears like the opening song “Time And Colors” did.

Oddly enough…I nearly feel the same way about “16 Other Ways.” I swear if we were to look at these two songs, “Life In A Bag” and “16 Other Ways” on paper alone with the detailed facts written out, I’d probably not be inclined to pursue either! BUT…dear readers I say BUT…there’s something extremely addicting about the way that Joseph has settled into the melody and lyrics of “16 Other Ways.” Another familiar, comforting and warm rhythm…I think it’s the sentiment of the lyrics that gets me each time and the main hook of that chorus; it’s not normally my kind of thing but I dig the extremely bizarre mix on JP’s voice and he’s once again found a tremendous guitar solo with REAL teeth and absolutely wicked tones. I’ve tried to resist this incredibly-specific love-song…but I can’t…well-played Joseph, well-played.

Now…if I didn’t know any better…I’d say that “Candles Hope And Faith” represents the overall sound and style that Joseph is looking for, and most comfortable/confident in. This song is a real subtle nod to some of the great music of the late 70’s & early 80’s with the theatrical/dramatic build-up of this song as it plays. If anything…I think that this is one song where he might have been able to pull off going slightly bigger in that middle build…maybe brought that excellent guitar-solo up just a little more in the mix to make it really pop…but that’s a pretty minimal complaint if even a complaint at all. “Candles Hope And Faith” is a sweetly-intentioned, piano-led mid-tempo gem; definitely one of the strongest for Joseph in overall performance as he nearly sheds his charming indie sound for a smoother, more polished rock/pop sound…you know…if you’re looking for that kinda thang. For me…I’d still take a song like “Time And Colors” that might be a little more rough around the edges but a little more authentic in its intentions and approach over the tighter-production & pursuit of perfection in “Candles Hope And Faith,” but as we all know already, I’m strange like that. They’re both fantastic tunes and more than likely would end up topping the list of five were I to put them in an order of my favourites…so I’m really splitting hairs in comparing two of the greatest tracks he’s recorded on the Time And Colors EP.

Ending it off with another stomp through Rockville…this is the most confident I’ve heard JP on the record so far! I mean…he’s letting it LOOSE here! It’s SO EASY to get into a rock song like THIS because Joseph is right into this one himself…you can absolutely hear it! Right into the groove – this final cut, “Mamma Don’t Call Me Home” is a rad last tune to have included and easily includes some of the best guitars cut into this record. Reminds me a little bit of the playfulness of the later rock-influenced songs from Better Than Ezra that incorporated wicked rhythm & riffage like this last song from JP does. He ends this experience into his world in full-on party-mode, leaving your ears with an impression and instant desire to hear Joseph Pagano again…and to turn it UP! Great bass-roll in “Mamma Don’t Call Me Home” and soaring guitar notes come shredding through this ripping last cut…this is the impact you want to make with those final moments; JP wrapped this EP up TIGHT in a real classic & stylistic fashion.

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Neufutur Magazine

Joe Pagano Time And Colors EP Review


16 Other Ways is our favorite track on the Time And Colors EP. The melody that Pagano establishes with the drum/guitar dynamic showcases an influence that is far-reaching as possible; listeners can discern hints of Soul Asylum and Deadeye Dick here. The sizzling guitar riff that bubbles up during the cut provides the cherry on the top of this single. Listeners will be singing the chorus of 16 Other Ways long after the track has ceased to play.

Candles Hope and Faith slows things up, showcasing the more tender side of Pagano. The same drive and dedication that permeated the first half of the Time And Colors EP continues here as Pagano gradually increases the tempo. Like a butterfly emerging from its chrysalis, the track sparkles as it reaches its zenith.

The remix of Mamma Don’t Call Me Home concludes this mini-album, coming forth with a swirling, psychedelic sound. Guitar riffs take on the allure of Slash while the stripped-down Detroit style of the track establishes something wholly different than had been heard on this release. This is a solid EP; after hearing Time and Colors, fans will be thirsting for more.

Top Tracks: 16 Other Ways, Candles Hope and Faith

Rating: 8.4/10

Brian Lush's Rockwired

AUGUST 11, 2015


JOSEPH PAGANO first came onto ROCKWIRED's radar a few months back with the release of his EP  GRAVEYARD OF DREAMS. On that recording he boasted JOHN LENNON-styled songwriting chops mixed with a curious vocal styling that found it's way somewhere in between NEIL YOUNG and WAYNE COYNE of THE FLAMING LIPS. THe stand out from that EP was the live recording of the lighter-waving ballad CANDLES HOPE AND FAITH. On his latest EP release TIME AND COLORS CANDLES HOPE AND FAITH gets the full studio treatment but this time it's far from the best track on the CD. PAGANO has come a long way in the short amount of time since his last release and the evidence can be found on the haunting title track. He even manages to show a grittier side with two stomping roots rockers LIFE IN A BAG and 16 OTHER WAYS - a song that could find a snug a comfortable place between JOHN HIATT and SHEL SILVERSTEIN.  



Vents Magazine

on 6 August, 2015 at 18:47

Hi Joseph, welcome to VENTS! How have you been?

I have been fantastic thank you. Given the strong reception to the first record Graveyard of Dreams I was inspired to launch the follow up Time and Colors within 6 months. I was able to include 3 brand new songs written in the past few months on Time and Colors and then recorded a studio version of Candles Hope and Faith and updated a song from a few years ago called Mamma Don’t Call Me Home. I called it a “remix” but I actually changed the arrangement and added another guitar to the song. I have enjoyed the songwriting process and continue to develop new material.

So you are about to release your new material Time and Colors –what´s the story behind the title?

Time and Colors was the first song I wrote for this new record and I knew immediately that I wanted to title the album after this track. The song has a story line about a relationship breakup but it has more meaning that that. It is about starting fresh, like an artist with a clean canvas, or a clean sheet as the lyric was written. It is about the idea that in life, we are all artists with a clean sheet. We can put what we want on that sheet, we can start anew upon a crisis, we can be what we want to be, that is in our control. All we need is time and colors to lead the life we want to lead, “like an artist”, time and colors will set you free. It is never to late to have this perspective. We all have the potential to paint a Mona Lisa with our lives.

How was the recording and writing process?

I absolutely love the recording process. I recently moved to a Pro Tools setup as my main recording platform using the Universal Audio Apollo Twin unit for I/O and hardware emulations and love it. I still have a lot to learn on the engineering side but it can be a very rewarding learning process as you stumble across some creative combinations in the studio. There is real art to the engineering process, it is not just science and procedures. There are so many tradeoffs like whether your nose is above or below the microphone, on or off axis for highlighting certain voice frequencies. I have gained new respect for all the studio engineers out there, not just in the recording process but in the mixing process where you have yet a myriad of choices.

As far as writing I have really gone to school on this literally, spending a day in a seminar in NYC a few months ago with the legendary Pat Pattison of the Berklee School of Music and then I spent another day in NYC learning from the legendary songwriter Tom Shapiro, an event hosted by the NSAI – Nashville Songwriters Association International. I am reading the book Songwriters on Songwriting by Paul Zollo and find it fascinating. So I have a lot of work to go on honing the songwriting craft however I have been able to use many of my learnings on this record.

So why from all the genres you decided to showcase your Roots side on this record?

I have written in an recorded a variety of genre’s however lately the new material seemed to gravitate towards the American Roots genre which I find very compelling. It is just the direction that my creativity has gone in over the past few months. Songs like Life in a Bag and Time and Colors build on the songs Graveyard of Dreams and Katrina from the prior record. I did take a turn on one of the songs 16 Other Ways which to me probably fits the genre of Alternative Country! You don’t always have control of the song ideas that you come up with, you just go with it and write them out. There are so many great artists out there than span many genres. I remember seeing Steve Miller play at the Iridium in NYC with Les Paul and they played pure blues for an hour, none of the mainstream hits that Steve had on the radio and it was just brilliant. So I enjoy the experimentation and I don’t feel locked into a genre in any way as that puts limit on creativity if you box yourself in like that too soon in developing your craft.

Where else did you find the inspiration for the songs and lyrics?

I have become more disciplined in making sure I write down and record those voice memos of ideas for songs. You hear stories time and again of musicians forgetting a great riff, melody or lyric within minutes of coming up with them so I am no exception. In the era of smartphones there are no excuses for losing good ideas so part of how these songs came about was capturing those early ideas quickly and then developing them. The song 16 Other Ways came in the form of the chorus first and I was able to capture that hook. I am not sure where it came from, I just woke up one morning and the chorus was in my head go figure! The song Life in a Bag was a real game changer for me in writing when I was walking through Penn Station in NYC and saw this homeless guy with what appeared to be his whole life in a bag. Commuters were all rushing around him and he didn’t have a care in the world. He looked confident, he knew where he was going, and he was going to get there without incident. He didn’t have a sense of urgency and he didn’t seem to need one. While the commuters looked rushed, nervous, and a little unsure of themselves. I said, wow there is a real story here and it was a rare case where the melody and first lyric line of the song came at the same time. I captured that one immediately on the phone and was able to write that song within a few hours. So inspiration comes from the world around you at any time. It also comes from observing people and sometimes you are not sure where it came from but you still capture the hook anyway and work it through!

Would you call this album a departure or a follow up of your recent EP?

I see a strong relationship with the first record as there are clear links such as the American Roots songs on both that create a nice sense of continuity. On the album Graveyard of Dreams the record ended with an instrumental orchestra rock song called The Sounds of Life. I took a similar approach on the last song of Time and Colors titled Mamma Don’t Call Me Home which has a totally different feel than any of the songs before it on the album. The song Time and Colors is much more progressive than anything on the first record so there is definitely a more upbeat performance on that song however lyrically the song Time and Colors provides hope and consistency with the Graveyard of Dreams theme. You will also see that I had a live one-take version of Candles Hope and Faith on the first record and a good friend of mine really preferred the studio version so I re-recorded the studio version of Candles Hope and Faith for the Time and Colors EP. I look forward to hearing what others think about the comparison of the two albums.

Will you be hitting the road this year?

While I don’t have plans to tour right now I like to play live usually as a guest with other bands and may find the time to do 2 or 3 performances over the next year. Playing live is a totally different discipline in my opinion from engineering, recording and songwriting. It is an art and talent in itself so I always look up to those road warrior musicians who play dozens of shows a year, and some who do more than 50 shows a year and keep their quality, audience engagement, and enthusiasm at a high bar. I am not sure how they do it!

What else is happening next in Joe Pagano´s world?

I am already on to writing a bunch of new material to expand my library of ideas, hooks, and new songs. I am in no rush and want to let the creative process take hold. I have been fortunate to have been exposed to some of the great songwriters of our time and now have the tools and direction I need to hone the songwriting craft, create music that I love, and make it available for others to enjoy when I feel they are at a certain level of “doneness”. Keep in mind songwriters never really feel done at first. In the book Songwriters on Songwriting Peter Seeger was quoted as saying ‘Woody Guthrie…first wrote “This Land is Your Land” as “God Blessed America for Me.” And ten years later he had finally, little by little, changed it and recorded it the way that most people know it.’


Over the years, New Jersey native Joe Pagano would consistently find himself drawn to music in one form or another. From chance encounters with musicians to dabbling with the craft himself, it took Pagano some time (and a career apart from music) to eventually see the need for his own artistic endeavors. Earlier this year, Graveyard Of Dreams introduced us to a singer/songwriter whose influences were drawn from the gritty hard rock perspectives of Neil Young and John Mellencamp, while instantly revealing a man whose passion for the craft had been bottled up for far too long. Unsurprisingly it took Pagano even less time to hit the studio once again, this time for the Time And Colors EP, which features three new compositions and two remixed versions of Graveyard of Dreams highlights. 

Continuously now Pagano shows a sharp knack for constructing the bare bones of a track on his own, but interestingly enough his stylistic leanings meander more this time around. There's more stability in the hard rocking twang of "Life In a Bag", a storyteller's piece contrasting the humble simplicity of a homeless man living in a subway station surrounded by those more financially secure but more frantically paced. It's intriguing viewpoints like this that make or break artists like Pagano. The opening title track is more pensive and reserved, a smooth bit of electric balladry and a sentiment of life intimating art, the central theme of Time and Colors and perhaps the set's most pivotal moment. Furthermore, it may be the hallmark of Pagano's short body of work to date. Adding punch and humor is "16 Other Ways", a shrug towards a friendship with potential for more that hits harder with thicker percussion and fiery riffage. From Graveyard of Dreams, Pagano fills in the sound picture of the bittersweet "Candles Hope And Faith" with orchestral and piano elements, showing an even stronger sense of songwriting and an ear for melody. "Mamma Don't Call Me Home" is a bit of a homage/observation of his neighborhood child pranksters, which doesn't SEEM like an interesting topic for a song but somehow Pagano lays in enough cliched punk sneer and attitude in sharp guitar leads that it all fits together nicely. 

While it doesn't resonate on the same overtly passionate level ofGraveyard Of DreamsTime and Colors clearly shows us that Joe Pagano has much more to give and perhaps even an evolving sound to help capture the attention of those keen to listen. I suggest starting with the first EP, but anyone who enjoys Pagano's initial offering needs to avoid missing Time and Colors, as it showcases a musician who not only has his feet under him but has found the space and creative energy to begin exploring the depths of his influences and inspirations.

Voice Magazine

Samantha Stevens
Volume 23 Issue 17 2015-04-24

Album: Graveyard of Dreams
Artist: Joseph Pagano

Sometimes it’s amazing where life can take us. One moment we find ourselves following one track, only to be nudged onto another track entirely. Joseph Pagano is one such person.

It seemed that music was always in Joseph’s life. Over the years his life’s journey brought him in contact with musical legends like Duran Duran’s Andy Taylor and Judas Priest’s lead singer Rob Halford.

Beginning his music career in New Jersey, Joseph started out by playing with his high school band Junior’s Farm, with whom he won a Beatles sound-alike contest. Graveyard of Dreams is Joseph’s first EP, written over the course of several years. Drawing from life experiences, Joseph’s music is like a combination between Brit-rock, Americana, and classic rock and roll. If you are a fan of The Beatles, Jon Bon Jovi, Bryan Adams, and Guns and Roses then be sure to check out Joseph Pagano.

The EP is a short seven tracks, but each song is packed with such a powerful sound that Joseph’s talents are perfectly showcased.

If I had to pick just one track on the EP to share with you, it would have to be "Little Girls". By far the cutest song that I have ever heard, Joseph sings about the joy and love that his two daughters have brought into his life. While the lyrics are beautiful and touching, it is the story behind the song that makes it stand out. When the track was being recorded, Joseph’s daughters walked into the room to tell him something interrupting the recording. Instead of rerecording the song, Joseph left the interruption in making the song even more heartfelt. Today his oldest daughter is a young woman, and it is her photography and artwork that are used for the album’s art and design.

The second surprise on this EP is the fully instrumental "The Sounds of Life". Once again demonstrating his diverse talent, the song is a whimsical piano and drum piece that ends the EP on a light and refreshing note, vastly different from many rock albums available today.

Overall, my favourite is "Don’t Let Chances Pass You By" because it seems to directly reflect Joseph’s personal and musical journey. The sound is typical for a rock and roll song, sounding very similar to Bon Jovi, but it is the lyrics that I really like. At times we are given opportunities that we have to grab onto before they are gone forever. With that message put to rock music, perhaps this song can bolster your courage to take chances as they come by.

Joseph’s EP can be found for streaming on his website, and it is available for purchase on Amazon, Bandcamp, and iTunes.

Samantha Stevens is an aspiring writer who loves combining her love for literature with photography, painting, music, and all creative pursuits.


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ADDS 2/24/15

Joseph Pagano’s 'Graveyard of Dreams' taps into the best of Americana.” – Skope Mag

Joseph Pagano’s new release, 'Graveyard of Dreams', is a 7 track pop-rock project that borrows from the vintage sounds of greats like The Beatles, Springsteen, and even shows off hints of Randy Travis (vocally).” – The Miews

Joseph Pagano’s … set of imaginative songs to get you in the mood for the summer while we make our way through these winter months.” – Cross Radar

"...GRAVEYARD OF DREAMS is a heart-on-the-sleeve rock album that mixes storytelling with fine songcraft. " - Rockwired

At last emerging with his eclectic, provocatively titled debut EP of musical “sketches” Graveyard of Dreams, New Jersey native Joe Pagano’s life has been touched by rock and roll and encounters with its legends. Years after learning to play guitar from Steve Miller’s Book of Dreams, he met the rocker and guitar legend Les Paul at the Iridium in NYC. After his high school band Junior’s Farm won a Beatles soundalike contest at Beatlefest in front of 2000 fans, he met Duran Duran’s Andy Taylor and talked about Jimi Hendrix back stage that night. Later, attending several Grammy Awards, Joe hung out with and received inspiration from rock legends such as Garth Hudson (The Band) and met Judas Priest lead singer Rob Halford – who taught him that music was about one thing – pleasing your fans!

For all of the brushes with rock greatness, it was Stanley Jordan, a living guitar legend in another realm, contemporary jazz, who inspired Joe to release a number of his original works as a solo recording artist. Throughout college and beyond, Joe’s bands Straight Shoot'r, N-Kuntrol and Profile achieved varying levels of success as live performers and on record – but he had long put his recording passion aside to join the software industry. In June 2014, Joe and his dad went to see Jordan, renowned for his revolutionary two handed tapping technique, at The Iridium jazz club in NYC. After the show, the guitarist invited them to attend a music workshop he was conducting at the nearby Novatel. Beyond just the beauty of music, Jordan presented his philosophy of life – and how the process of making music (the creating, imagining, writing, communicating and practicing) can help instill discipline. Through the workshop and their later correspondence, he helped Joe realize that the same principles that create success in making music apply to education, business and life.

Originally written at various times over the years and revisited, revamped and re-recorded for the EP, all of the songs on Graveyard of Dreams are influenced by the people, experiences, observations, feelings and events Joe has experienced as he has raised a family and traveled the world over the past decade or so. “Candles Hope & Faith” reflects on the poverty he has seen in his travels and how people survive the most ire of circumstances by keeping their hope alive. He tackles a similar theme on the Cajun music-spiced “Katrina,” which reflects upon the resilience of the good people of New Orleans surviving the aftermath of the 2005 hurricane. An unexpected gem is the beautiful instrumental “The Sounds of Life” written on a Novation MiniNova electric synth while visiting Long Beach Island, NJ.

Perhaps the most personal song on Graveyard of Dreams is the atmospheric, Brit-pop influenced “Little Girls,” a whimsical reflection of youth which the singer calls “a burst of energy about my two daughters.” In what he calls a “Dave Grohl moment” (a reference to the Foo Fighter frontman’s notable discussions of balancing fatherhood with a music career), Joe even leaves his daughter’s interruption of the original recording session on the new version. It’s an honest reflection, he says, of a musician trying to have a day job, be part of a family and be an artist all at once. Julia was a little girl then, but she’s now 18 and did the beautiful photography and album art and design for the project. “Like a visual artist,” Joe says, “Graveyard of Dreams is a series of sketches or paintings if you will that capture the imagination. I have been making these sketches for most of my life, kind of like furnishing your home with your own original artwork. I am excited about releasing these for people beyond my inner circle to hear for the first time!”


Can You Hear This

It’s a rare day when my old man is forwarding me music. It’s even rarer still when it’s not Led Zeppelin and it is perhaps most rare when it’s something that I genuinely like. But today is that day and this is an absolute gem of an EP. There’s something beautifully engaging about Joseph Pagano’s first release. An undeniable honesty and a clear love for the craft flows out every second of the seven track record. This is perhaps unsurprising when you read from Pagano how may of these songs came to be. The real experiences that inspire the tracks instil the real emotions that define the record. This is an EP with a number of stand out moments, most notably the title track, Graveyard of Dreams, which feels like a quintessential piece of Americana, full of alternative rock charm. But there is also the adorable Little Girls which is just staggeringly cute (seriously, listening to Pagano’s daughter speaking at the end of the song is the sweetest) and the very strong instrumental The Sounds of Life which is my favourite moment of the record. All in, this is a charming debut EP, stuffed full with love and life and worth anyone’s ears.


music emissions

With a musical journey complete with numerous bands and further defined by chance encounters and experiences with notable artists, New Jersey native Joseph Pagano has a journey behind him that so often leads to becoming a solo artist. Truer still is the unmistaken honesty in the love of music and the passion to express it that, on his debut EP Graveyard Of Dreams, can be heard in every lyric and riff and melody. The alternative/singer-songwriter approach is reminiscent of John Mellencamp at times, Neil Young at others but ultimately paints a picture of a unique artist who opens himself to anyone willing to see...and listen.

It's plain to see from the start. "Don't Let Chances Pass You By", an energenic guitar-fueled intro, offers numerous examples of empathy, adventure, risk...the title says it all, really. Pagano is obviously a man who doesn't let these chances pass him by. In a further sign of Pagano's broad perspective, "Katrina", a southern-tinged acoustic rocker, is an ode to New Orleans and the tragic storm that overturned so many lives. This track shows an early trait that spreads throughout the album; beyond being a solid vocalist and guitarist, Joseph Pagano is a multi-faceted songwriter who can explore various sound textures and genres while staying grounded and creating a cohesive flow. The title track is bittersweet Americana, a curious perspective of the Sunset Strip as seen from the palm trees that line the historic road. In about as honest and heartfelt sentiment one can imagine, Pagano exudes love for his two daughters on "Little Girls". There's plenty more to discover across the back half of the disc, of particular note the beautifully constructed instrumental closer "The Sounds Of Life", a veritable soundtrack to life's more picturesque moments.

With a talent honed over the years and creativity in the perspectives and construction of his work, Joseph Pagano offers a varied alternative rock experience on Graveyard Of Dreams. Moments of pure honesty, creative brilliance and technical proficiency abound, the paints that combine to form a picture of a man who has something to say that actually deserves to be heard. This is a rare feat from any musician, one that deserves a broad audience as it will no doubt appeal to a wide cross-section of music fans.


A Journal of Musical Things

This Week’s Top 11 Playlist: 06 March 2015 [featuring Don't Let Chances Pass You By]

Another eleven songs that for whatever reason tickled my fancy this week. Maybe there’s something here that will tickle you.  (I included the Van Halen just as an example how far a lead singer can get away from what people expect to hear when a big hit is played during a concert.  Dave?  What were you thinking?) Thanks to Mediazoic for the hosting.


Skope Mag

Joseph Pagano’s “Graveyard of Dreams” taps into the best of Americana. With a classic rock sound the songs display the true virtue of earnestness. Throughout the album Joseph Pagano comes across as a caring, empathetic soul. Lyrics reflect this as well as he express joy at seeing people treat each other with kindness. For it is this warmth that really defines the album: his consideration of others and respect for good deeds. Characters within his songs are treated with care, for he shows that he truly knows and understands their motivations.

“Don’t Let Chances Pass You By” begins with a burst of energy. The song hits hard with the percussion in full swing. A country twang defines the ramshackle rhythms of “Katrina”. A casual shuffle shapes the poppy “Graveyard of Dreams”. Joseph Pagano strips his sound down for the intimate “Little Girls” whose narrative sensibilities transform it into a character study of sorts. Opting for a grand sound is the gigantic “Candles Hope & Faith (Solo)”. The stripped down sound continues. Showing off his impressive chops the song is the collection highlight, serving as the heart and soul from which all else flows. On “To the Rescue” the band returns. A gauzy late 80s sound is employed on the track. Ending the collection off on a high note is the dramatic instrumental “The Sounds of Life”.

Maximum volume is recommended for “Graveyard of Dreams”. More rock should sound this good.


Neufutur Magazine

Rating: 8.7/10

There is a hopeful sound to the release’s first track, Don’t Let Chances Pass You By, which ties together hints of Bon Jovi, Bruce Springsteen, and Dave Grohl. The interaction between the instrumental and vocal elements creates a track that is timelessly hook, with a number of distinct hooks for listeners – Pagano’s vocals are stellar, the drums are punctual yet splashy, and the guitars provide the hard edge that will keep fans listening.


Katrina is a most contemplative, fuzzy track that builds off of the work of The Flaming Lips and Temple of the Dog. There is a thick, ropy bass line that provides a distinctly different sound to this effort. The swirling eddies of guitar and vocals provide a perfect counterpoint to the bass, keeping the momentum of the album high for subsequent efforts like To The Rescue or The Sounds of Life. To The Rescue is a touching track that adopts the ballad format with a soulful set of vocals and an introspective, fitting set of arrangements; the style is expanded upon by the inclusion of a more flamenco-inspired line before expanding into a perfect piece of guitar rock. The track’s supersonic sound will resound with listeners long after the cut ceases; Pagano is able to keep things interesting even at the latest registers.

The Sounds of Life is the perfect conclusion for Graveyard of Dreams. The track takes a sedate, expansive approach that both ends Graveyard of Dreams and provides listeners with some semblance of where Pagano may go on subsequent recordings. Make it a point to visit Pagano’s Bandcamp to listen to the tracks on Graveyard of Dreams and purchase a copy of yourself.

Top Tracks: The Sounds of Life, Don’t Let Chances Pass You By


The Miews

Rating 7.0 / 10

Songwriting 9.0 / Music 7.0 / Vocals 5.5

Joseph Pagano's new release, "Graveyard of Dreams", is a 7 track pop-rock project that borrows from the vintage sounds of greats like The Beatles, Springsteen, and even shows off hints of Randy Travis (vocally). "Graveyard" has been a labor of love for Pagano, who spent years crafting each song, drawing inspiration from a variety of sources and experiences in his life.  The result of Joe's multi-year creative process is a sound that may be a bit "vintage" to those with young ears, but just right for those who grew up listening to rock music in the 60's - early 90's.

Unlike the superficial and contrived songwriting we often hear in commercial pop-rock these days, many of Joseph Pagano's songs shed light on real life issues that he has witnessed or experienced over the years.  For example, his song "Candles Hope & Faith" addresses the issue of worldwide poverty and how people use hope and faith to make it through such difficult living conditions.  In addition, Pagano's song "Katrina" reflects on the never forgotten American tragedy that was Hurricane Katrina.

But, social songs don't sum up, "Graveyard of Dreams". Joseph also delves into the lighter side of life on songs like, "Little Girls", where he talks about his two daughters and some of the things he's seen them get into.  As a father myself, I could totally relate to this song because, Joe shares some of the same fatherly hopes for his daughters as I do for my little girl (and son). So, there is a lot to this album and I doubt very seriously if there's not at lease one song here that every person can relate to.  Check it out and I'm sure you'll find something you like.



Joseph Pagano’s latest EP is a country tinged set of imaginative songs to get you in the mood for the summer while we make our way through these winter months.

“Don’t Let Chances Pass You By” starts things off with a gloriously laid back feel. It’s summery in its vibe, with a washed out wah-wah guitar and echo laden drums. Before we know what’s happening, we’re headlong into the chorus which explodes with a rich C86 style that is all kinds of lo fi indie rock fun. There are hints of the Smashing Pumpkins to be found here, with a bit of an americana flavour to wash things down with. “Katrina” draws on a strong country feel, with its wailing guitar intro and its characteristic bass line that leads the song forwards with confidence, while the EP’s title track is one big slice of woozy country rock. Its at this point where the lo fi touches lean in some ways towards Wilco, Pavement, and Sebadoh, which can never be a bad thing. “Little Girls” is more stripped back, with a delicate acoustic guitar taking the lead, and an enjoyable (if not slightly twee) ode to Pagano’s daughters. There’s a nice surprise on the middle eight where some rich strings come into play, and there is even a fun sample of the girls themselves having a chat. “Candles, Hope & Faith” strips things back in a different way, with a simple distorted guitar that provides the instrumental backdrop for Pagano’s vocal, while “To The Rescue” makes use of a phased tone that has a richness and depth to it that makes the track really stand out. Closing with “The Sounds Of Life” Graveyard Of Dreams comes to its conclusion with an evocative piano led instrumental that seems to be a fitting end to this engaging collection of songs.




You can call JOSEPH PAGANO's debut EP GRAVEYARD OF DREAMS a  CD that was a lifetime in the making. The road to rock n roll glory was paved early on when his high school band JUNIOR'S FARM won a BEATLES sound-a-like contest at BEATLEFEST. From there the kid had a knack coming into contact and striking up conversations with such rock n roll luminaries as STEVE MILLER, DURAN DURAN's ANDY TAYLOR, GARTH HUDSON of  THE BAND and ROB HALFORD of JUDAS PRIEST.  However it was a meeting with jazz guitar legend STANLEY JORDAN who inspired PAGANO to let the world in on his solo work.  Equally inspired by the MASSIVE OPEN ONLINE COURSE through the BERKLEE ONLINE COLLEGE OF MUSIC, GRAVEYARD OF DREAMS is a heart-on-the-sleeve rock album that mixes storytelling with fine songcraft. 










Amused Now Video Interviews

Published on Mar 1, 2015

Amused Now featured artist interview with eclectic singer-songwriter Joseph Pagano


In this featured artist sneak peak, singer-songwriter +Joseph Pagano  shares insights into hit single Don’t Let Chances Pass You By.




on 3 April, 2015 at 10:35

Hi Joseph, welcome to VENTS! How have you been?

I have been doing just great thanks to my loyal fans and all the support from media and college radio for the recently launched album Graveyard of Dreams. This past week we launched the artist web site to give folks a single place to check out all the press coverage, a personal blog of mine, and to join the mailing list.

Can you talk to us more about your latest track ¨Little Girls¨?

That is one of my favorite tracks on the record. It is a song about a day in the life of my daughters when they were toddlers and how they used to run around the house and tear the place apart, never seeming to run out of energy. They would get into absolutely everything, even when I was recording the actual song my older daughter came into the studio right in the middle of the live recording, what I call a total Dave Grohl moment (you know Dave talks about his daughters and said they could tear apart a back stage better than ACDC ever could!), asking me to order dinner, and I decided to leave the on the record which you can hear on the song!

The single comes off your new album Graveyard of Dreams – how did you come up of writing musical sketches?

Artistry runs in the family. My dad is an amazing sketch artist as well as a jazz guitarist and I always considered songwriting as art, as if you are making artistic sketches, an interpretation if you will of some life event or experience. So I would write these song parts and file them away as if I was doodling on paper, picking them up months later and adding more color if you will. This is what happened with the song Little Girls as the lyrics and melody came to me in one 45 minute burst where I was able to lay down the main track and then later wrote and added the string section and backing vocals to the sketch. It was like making your own art that you hang in your home never thinking it is going to be mass produced for everyone to see or hear. Yet a lot of folks say this is their favorite song, one they can really relate to.

What´s the story behind the title?

I was attending the Grammy Awards in 2014 with and we stopped at IN-N-OUT BURGER on Sunset Boulevard. I was crossing the street and history seemed to flash by. I felt that I had to get a photo of this historic street and as I was doing that and trying not to get run over, I was admiring its place in history and wondering how many starving artists have lived, suffered, thrived, and died on this street. I thought man, this street is like a graveyard of dreams. Then later in the year I was fortunate to have had the chance to take a songwriting course taught by the amazing Berklee College of Music’s Professor Pat Pattison. For the final assignment we had to write and record an original song and I thought, wow, why not write a song about Sunset Boulevard from the perspective of those famous palm trees. Stars have come and gone but they, the palm trees, are still there to tell their stories after all those years. That is a lyric in the song and what I was thinking in that brief moment when I captured the photo which became the cover of the album and that song became the title track.

As far as the song Little Girls that came from the opening lines of the song. It just seemed like the right title after I started the song “I’ve got this little little girl her name is Julia, I’ve got this other little girl her name is Grace, I’ve got these little little girls each has a pretty face, I’ve got these crazy little girls they love to wreck the place”.

How was the recording and writing process?

I really enjoyed the writing process as I had no boundaries, no real schedule, no record company telling me what I had to do. The focus was on the art and the storytelling, not on trying to make something that was commercially viable. Due to the incredible advances in recording technology over the past few years I was able to do all the writing, recording, and engineering on my own, of course learning by trial and error along the way and feedback has folks would comment on the early versions. There are many imperfections in there but that is what art is all about. It is how you represent those imperfections that makes art unique. I had one song Candles Hope & Faith where I had done a full band recording version of the song as well as a “one take” live recording with just guitar, and vocal with some concert reverb. I ended up putting the one take on the record because I felt it captured more of the spirit of the song. I will rework the full band version for the next album.

Where did you find the inspiration for the song and lyric?

For Little Girls when you have toddlers they become your life and you naturally love them but they fascinate you and teach you about life. It was this fascination with their curiosity, energy, the foods each liked to eat, the games they would play, the lack of any care in the world, and their total innocence. I wanted to capture that feeling, that moment in time and whenever I hear that song it brings me back years to that exact moment, the sentiment, and what it was like and how much we have all grown since they were toddlers. My older daughter is now 18 and will be going to college this fall as a film and photography major. In fact she (Julia) did the album art for the interior and back cover and was creative director for the packaging of the record. She did a fantastic job and got her first professional credits.

Will you be hitting the road this year?

A lot of folks want to see some kind of road tour. It has been a blessing to have charted on CMJ and for the record to have reached #5 on WGLS in NJ in recent weeks, again, all due to the amazing fan support out there. I have support from some great musicians to be part of a live act but right now I am focused on writing and recording the next album so stay tuned for any live performances. The best way to keep track is to check out the artist site at, joint the mailing list, and follow on the social sites and any announcements will be made across the social channels.

What else is happening next in Joseph Pagano´ world?

Due to the popularity of the instrumental The Sounds of Life I am trying to learn piano more so that I can play it live as well as I did in the studio although that is a challenge for me J Right now I am sorting through a vast library of song sketches that I have been building up and I am writing some brand new songs inspired by all the great support around this record. Then I’ll have to decide which ones to build out for release on the next album. I may even ask fans for opinions and to vote on which songs make the cut and do this via social channels.

It has been a fantastic journey, an incredible learning experience, both on the writing side and the recording and engineering side. I continue to learn every day and look forward to spending a full day with Pat Pattison at an upcoming songwriting clinic in NYC so I am really looking forward to that! Thank you again for the interest and for listening and for providing a forum for independent artists to connect with fans!



Joseph Pagano Graveyard of Dreams CD Album Review

Joseph Pagano: Graveyard Of Dreams (EP)

Melodic Rock

Not to be confused with the New York mobster and member of the Genovese crime family, Joseph Pagano is a singer songwriter with a long, yet relatively unknown, history in the music industry. Yet he's not without inspiration. The larger direction of his musical inspiration and creation came from legendary guitarist Stanley Jordan. Through a music clinic and additional correspondence, Jordan pushed Pagano to pursue his musical passion.

Joseph Pagano Graveyard of Dreams Band Photo

Joseph Pagano

The result, after better than 30 years in the biz, is Pagano's first EP, Graveyard Of Dreams. The title seems ominous, something of a double entendre, perhaps a reflection upon his life. That all his dreams, musically, have died to this point. I'm not a huge fan of singer songwriters to begin with, too much ego, narcissism, and navel gazing. The last thing I need is another one puking out his angst of a failed musical career in some cathartic moment.

But that's not what's here. Sure, like most songwriters, Pagano draws from his life and life observations, but it's not weighty introspection. Actually, there's some encouragement from the inspirational nature of Don't Let Chances Pass You By or Candles Hope & Faith. There's even some family whimsy with Little Girls, an amusing ditty about his two girls in the early years of their life (with a cameo appearance by one).

Most of the songs are wrapped around around his guitar which has a sharp raw sound on the more lively numbers. Yet the guitar work can be more subtle with acoustic guitar as within Rescue Me. But the acoustic eventually dovetails with the sharp electric. After these things, Pagano has a keen sense of melody and the ability to add some catchy, crafty hooks in both lyrics and arrangement. His voice is also melodic and even, yet has this slight edge that matches the sharpness of his guitar. Also he has a familiar timbre to someone else that I have yet to put my finger on. Pagano does offer a single instrumental. Surprisingly, it doesn't revolve around guitar, but piano. The Sounds of Life is both bright and smart, a refreshing number.

To conclude, while I can't say this disc will hit my stereo again anytime soon, I can say I liked Graveyard Of Dreams. Pagano has talent and creativity, and likely the promise of more interesting and entertaining music to come.


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