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I had the chance to listen to the pre-release of Meresha's new EP Enter The Dreamland!  Billboard recently named Meresha the #6 artist emerging globally and in listening to this new record I can see why!  The title track Enter The Dreamland is infectious with a dreamy airiness about it reminiscent of the best works of Enigma but with the unique and original sound that Meresha delivers.


There are big sounding beats that will be sure to pulse the dance floor.  Perfect harmonies spread a vast vocal canvas.  The organic sound combined with worldly rhythms across the EP makes for a new sound in the industry.


Stardust continues the big sound of this record with increasing energy as the song progresses.  The subsonic bass drives the song throughout. Jungle Potion has a silky and breathy vocal with powerful horn riffs, hinting of the Miami Sound Machine.  Violet Night brings on more worldly sound with Arabian-like vocal riffs that have a high level of difficulty but Meresha belts them out effortlessly.  The half-time beat adds nice variety and the choir harmonies are layered intricately.  On the final track Lights Out I love the change in rhythm and the strong groove.  The kick drum is like a heart beat and the slow down tempo section gives the song a live feel.


I highly recommend the EP and expect to see this record find its well deserved place on the Billboard charts.


Check out Meresha at and at


New Song More Friends In Heaven (Than In Hell) Launches June 15


Excited to launch the single More Friends In Heaven (Than In Hell) worldwide on June 15th!  You can pre-order here:


So much good press coverage so far which you can see here


Thanks for listening!


Songs Launched on Grammy Nominated WOA Records!


Proud to have songs on this new album from Grammy nominated WOA Records!  Check it out! 

Thanks Fanz for Making us #18 US, #4 Regional, #1 Local on RN Charts!


Grammy Awards 2017


We are fresh back from the 2017 Grammy Awards event in Los Angeles!  What a great time we had, so much talent in one space.  It was an honor to attend the Grammys this year with my daughter and Creative Director Julia and it was my first year attending as a voting member of the Grammys Recording Academy.


I am starting to frame songs for the next EP and cut some demos which you will see in the links below.  Namely, More Friends In Heaven Than In Hell (a last minute write after a 4 hour Bruce Springsteen concert to fill in a live set the next day) and I Hate The F&&n News (inspired by the recent election cycle in the US) where the news often became unreadable and unwatchable!  We will record multiple versions of the new tunes, some with the full band and add the songs to our live show once we figure a live performance plan for 2017+.


Check out the demo tunes and also be sure to connect on Facebook to check out the Grammy photo album here: and like the Facebook band page here:


Thanks for listening and for all the great support!



Back in the Studio!!


So great to be back in the studio after so many months!  This is me playing bass on a new song called More Friends In Heaven Than In Hell to be released later in 2017!

Celebrating the Lunar New Year!


What an honor to play for the Lunar New Year and all my Vietnamese friends in Rockaway, NJ on Sunday January 29th!  The highlight was playing the song Come Together by the Beatles which went for more than 7:30 with the crowd singing along!


Going to the Grammys!


Going to the Grammys for the first time as a voting member of the Recording Academy!


Thank you fans!


2016 was such a busy year thanks to all the fan support and the amazing JP Band - Craig Bleifer on drums, Richard Giancamilli on Sax and Vocals, and Gary Evans on bass and vocals!  I was able to complete a 21 show mini-tour across New York, Pennsylvania, and NJ playing at historic venues such as The Stone Pony in Asbury Park, NJ, The Bitter End in NYC, and Mexicali Live in Teaneck, NJ.  I began writing the next EP and had the chance to play some of the new songs live including More Friends In Heaven Than In Hell, I Hate the F&%$#N News, and Time To Go Home.  This allowed me to work out the song arrangements and re-write as preparation for getting back into the studio in 2017.  Again thanks to your support I became a voting member of the Grammy's Recording Academy and will attend the Grammy's in LA on February 12th for the first time as a voting member!  My creative director and daughter Julia will join me there.  Looking forward to working on the new EP in 2017.


Fine Grind - Great Gig!


An honor once again to play at the Fine Grind in Little Falls, NJ.  These 2 hour shows have been a great experience especially when I am used to playing 30-45 minutes and with a full band!


Live at The Fine Grind on December 14th 7:30PM


Looking forward to playing The Fine Grind again in Little Falls NJ!


Built this Cigar Box Amp from CB Gitty!


It was great fun building this amp kit made out of a cigar box from CB Gitty!!  It sounds fantastic!




GRAMMYs In My District - Fair Pay for Music Creators


It was great fun partnering with Carly Eden (Top 25 Billboard Dance Charts for Gone) and Kathy Sommer (multi platinum songwriter) to champion fair pay for music creators on October 26th.  We met with Congressman Pascrell's office in Patterson.




Tony Bennett 90th Birthday!


AMAZING night seeing Tony Bennet and guests including Lady Gaga live at Radio City in NYC!!  What an inspiration!


Come see me LIVE in NYC on Saturday September 17!


Set list from The Fine Grind on 08-31-16


I got through almost all of it I think 28 of the 31 songs!  I also played 3 new originals and will perform them again at Leftfield on Ludlow on September 17 in NYC.

Record set at The Fine Grind!!


Record 2 hour and 15 min set at The Fine Grind in Little Falls on August 31st but not so much to say after I saw Bruce Springsteen the night before play a 4 hour historic set at MetLife stadium :)))  Thanks to all who came out, what a great time!




Great time at MexicaliLive in Teaneck, NJ!


The band and I had a blast playing at the MexicaliLive club in Teaneck, NJ on Wed July 13th!  So great to see so many friends and family and meet some great new people.


The River Grille in Chatham NJ


What an incredible time at The River Grille last night in Chatham NJ!  So much talent and I think half the place joined me on stage at some point.  I think it was a record for me, something like 5 or 6 encores including originals and some covers from Nirvana and Oasis. Great licks Thomas!  

We were jamming so hard the right PA speaker fell over by itself from the energy in the room, no one was hurt and we kept playing for another 10 minutes and it kept working sideways on the floor!  Now that is rock and roll.

Performance at Trend in Montclair, NJ


It was great playing at the Trend Coffee & Tea House in Montclair, NJ tonight!  I met Richard the drummer out front on the street literally 3 min before I went on and he jumped on the kit and learned the songs in real-time!


Julia on the Glaad Awards Show!


Julia my daughter and Creative Director was on the Blaab Awards Show on Logo TV this month!  She provided a testimonial as a "Demi Lovato Super Fan"along with Ryan Seacrest, Kim Kardashian, and JLO among others!


Exclusive Blab Interview with Jacqueline Jax of AVA Live Radio


What incredible fun it was to chat with Jacqueline Jax and my band for a half hour.  We performed a live song, Don't Let Chances Pass You By!  We realized that next time we will need to go through my radio mixer to get a more balanced stream for the live song LOL :)  Check out the interview here -


Stone Pony Show on 03-25


Thank you so much for all the fans and support at The Stone Pony on Friday March 25th!  It was such an incredible experience playing at the historic venue on a Friday night.  We posted some of the live recordings at



Featured in LOV3RZ April 2016 Edition!


So excited to be  featured on the cover and on page 38 of the April 2016 edition of LOV3RZ magazine!  Thank you once again Kellie Leigh!!




So cool to be featured in the March edition of LOV3RZ magazine!  Looking forward to being in the April edition too!!  Might we be mentioned on the cover?

Rocking The Stone Pony


I can't tell you how amazing it was to play at the legendary Stone Pony in Asbury Park NJ with Craig Bleifer and Rich Giancamilli! Thank you to our sell out crowd on just a few days notice! We are invited back to play again on Friday March 25th!

Featured in LOV3ERZ March 2016 Magazine


Check out our coverage on pages 64-65!  You can download the PDF here

Grammy Party at the 40/40 Club in NYC


Great fun at the NARAS Grammy telecast viewing party in NYC on Feb. 15!

On the Radio


Starting on Feb. 5th Candles Hope and Faith will be playing on these stations!  Be sure to connect and check out the playlist starting on Feb. 5


KXRL Radio Los Angeles, California USA

KEDG Radio Sydney, Australia

KHSX Radio Houston, Texas USA

WLDN Radio London, United Kingdom

WMIC Radio Miami, Florida USA

Just won Best Americana Song in The Akademia Awards!


Thank you The Akademia and all the fans out there for Best Americana Song for Candles Hope and Faith (Studio) in the January 2016 awards!  Much appreciated!


Featured on WOAFM99 Chillout Episode Today!


It was an honor being featured on the WOAMF99 Chillout Episode today!  The song The Sounds of Life from Graveyard of Dreams was on the show.  Check it out here


Signed a 3-year deal with WOA Records!


So excited to announce that I signed a 3-year non exclusive deal with WOA Records for the song Candles Hope and Faith last night!  The song was featured on WOAFM99 today and will be on the new Independent No.1's Vol. 6 compilation CD distributed worldwide.  WOA is nominated for a Grammy this year for last year;s compilation CD.


The Bitter End Show on January 3rd, 2016 in NYC


What fun it was to play at The Bitter End in NYC again on Sunday January 3rd, this time with Craig Bleifer!


#30 in Global Reverbnation Chart - Thank you Fanz!


Great way to start 2016, thank you so much fans for all of your support!

Followed by Siedah Garrett


What an honor to be followed on Twitter by the Grammy Winner and 2 time Oscar nominee @SIEDAHGARRETT !!!


Played at the legendary Bitter End on 12-15-15


It was an honor to perform @ The Bitter End in NYC last night! Thanks to Peter Bliss he raised $ & coats 4 NYCares & the homeless. Peter is also a hit song writer for NSYNC.  An anonymous donor pulled up in a black suburban mid show and dropped off several bags full of coats for the charity.  Only in NYC!



REVERBNATION CHARTS #65 US, #67 Worldwide in Americana


Thank you all for the incredible support!

Julia Pagano Hangin with Demi Lovato Again!


Julia Pagano hanging with Demi Lovato at Sketchers in NYC.  Separated at birth?

Great night at the Sidewalk Cafe on 12-13-15


Julia Pagano behind the movie camera producing videos from the evening at the Sidewalk.


Side Stage photo by Kelly McGrath.




Gig at the Sidewalk Cafe


It was great fun playing at the Sidewalk Cafe again in the East Village, NYC!  My daughter Julia was behind the movie camera capturing 24F footage of a number of the performers including me.


Made AVA Radio Top 10 Today!


Looking forward to the interview on AVA Live Radio Behind the Music with Jacqueline Jax!



Live at the Sidewalk Cafe


It was great playing live in the East Village NYC last night @ the Sidewalk Cafe with NSAI songwriters!


Julia Backstage with Demi


Julia Pagano, Creative Director for the Graveyard of Dreams album is hangin backstage with Demi Lovato.


Lyric Videos Posted for Time and Colors album


Check out the lyric videos for each of the tracks on the Time and Colors EP and subscribe to my new YouTube channel!  


Rockwired Radio Interview with Brian Lush


Really enjoyed the interview with Brian Lush this weekend.  It was great chatting with Brian about my new EP Time and Colors and getting his perspective on things.

NARAS NYC Chapter Grammy Event July 29, 2015


Julia Pagano and I got to attend the local chapter event in NYC for the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences (NARAS) on July 29th. Julia was showing off her work as Creative Director, Packaging and Album Art for the album Graveyard of Dreams that we worked on together.

Julia got to meet the amazing Syleena Johnson!



Great day with the great Pat Pattison in NYC!


It was such a great day learning about song writing from the legendary Pat Pattison all day @ Hunter College in NYC on May 23rd, 2015!

So much to learn from Pat starting with STABLE or UNSTABLE :) !  There is no one else out there with his unique perspective.


Alicia Keys Honored at Grammy's on the Hill Dinner


Got to see Alicia Keys receive the Recording Artists Coalition Award on April 15th, presented by the First Lady at the Grammy's On The Hill Dinner in Washington, D.C.  Really cool dinner and evening at The Hamilton.  Craig Bleifer and I got to hang with Eddie Money.  Alicia took the house down when she sang a verse of "Empire State of Mind" while sitting at her dinner seat with one of the performing bands.


Voice Magazine Review


Love this Graveyard of Dreams review by Samantha at Voice Magazine!  It can also be seen here on the press reviews page.



Radio play


Thank you to all the 10 stations who have been playing the album Graveyard of Dreams!  We reached the top 5 album list on WGLS-FM 89.7 in NJ and top 20 on WLFR and WNSU.

Here are a list of stations that have played the album:

  • WGLS - Glassboro, NJ
  • WLFR - Galloway, NJ
  • WNSU - Ft. Lauderdale, FL
  • WXJM - Harrisonburg, VA
  • WMSE - Milwaukee, WI
  • WRUW - Cleveland, OH
  • WUTK - Knoxville, TX
  • WSIA - Staten Island, NY
  • WKRSE - Claremore, OK
  • WCMU - Mt. Pleasant, MI


New album review from musicemissions


Check out the new review from music emissions here and check out all the press on the artist site at

New Interview on VENTS


New Joseph Pagano interview posted today on VENTS Magaine

Check it out!

Launching the web site


I am very excited to be able to launch the artist web site today!  Many thanks to the incredible support from fans, friends, family, artists, and promotional support colleagues you know who you are :)

This past week the album Graveyard of Dreams reached #5 on the CMJ charts in NJ on WGLS-FM 89.7!  Thank you WGLS we appreciate the support!


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